Euphonix MC Control
DAW Control Surface with Programmable Touchscreen
4 Touch-sensitive Motorized Faders
Programmable Knobs and Buttons
Transport Controls
Monitoring Software - Mac/PC

Euphonix MC Mix
Compact Control Surface with 8 Touch-sensitive Motorized Faders
Rotary Encoders
Programmable Buttons
Ethernet Connectivity - Mac/PC

Manley Stereo Variable Mu
Dual-channel Tube Limiter/Compressor with Stereo Link
True Variable Gain

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor
Single-channel Analog Distressor with Harmonic Distortion

Apogee Big Ben
192kHz Master Word Clock with Adaptive Loop Filtering
Format Conversion

003 Rack +
FireWire Audio Interface with 8 Mic Preamps
Pro Tools LE Software
and Bundled Plug-ins

DBX 1066
Dual-channel Compressor/Limiter/Gate

M-Audio Octane
8-channel Microphone/Instrument Preamp
A/D Converter with ADAT Lightpipe

Aviom A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor
Central Power Source for up to Eight Aviom A-16 Personal Mixers

Aviom AN-16/i Input Module
16-Channel Digital Snake and Audio Distribution Input Module for use with AN-16/o

Aviom A-16ii Personal Mixer
Digital Monitor Mixing System

Shure SE215
Single-driver In-ear Monitors with Detachable Kevlar
Reenforced Cables and Accessories Kit - Clear

24 Channel Rig
2 API 3124MB+
4-channel Mic and Instrument Preamp with Stereo Mixer
Transformer Balanced Outputs
65dB Gain Range
Front-panel Hi-Z Inputs

Focusrite OctoPre MK II/Dynamic
8-channel Microphone Preamplifier
ADAT Optical Output

Motu 828 MK III
28x30 USB/FireWire Audio Interface with 2 Microphone Preamplifiers
8 TRS I/O, 2 XLR Outputs, 2 x ADAT I/O, MIDI I/O, Word Clock I/O
and Built-in Mixer with Onboard Effects
24-bit/192kHz Resolution - Mac/PC

Apogee Big Ben
192kHz Master Word Clock with Adaptive Loop Filtering
Format Conversion

16 Channel Rig

M-Audio ProFire 2626
FireWire Audio Interface/ADAT Octane Mic Pre
M-Powered Compatible - 26x26

PreSonus DigiMAX D8
8-channel Microphone Preamp with Lightpipe